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Being an artist can be a solitary existence. For most of us, it’s a way of life: working in a studio, or at a keyboard, learning lines, notes, or steps; it’s often done in solitude. Studies indicate that it’s good to interact now and then with others who understand the kind of life we lead.

The Canadian Artists Network hosts online gatherings we call the Online Salons, or OnSalons. It’s a chance to meet other artists of our cohort from across the country and beyond, find out what others are up to, and perhaps learn new ways of creating.

We meet every three weeks [see our new schedule below]. 

You must be a member of our Community of Artists to take part. If you aren’t, we will contact you and ask you to join. Or, if you are new to CSARN, you can use the “Join” button below.

Each OnSalon begins at 1:30 PM Eastern | 10:30AM Pacific time and runs for about 90 minutes.

To register for one of our OnSalons, use the form below and choose the date in each round that suits you.

CAN Events Calendar

February 2024
Feb 27
27 February 2024
March 2024
Mar 19
19 March 2024

Like all CAN programs, the OnSalons are presented free of charge. But we rely on the generosity of our supporters to make these programs possible. Please consider a donation of any amount by clicking this button.