Writer and mentor Clive Endersby and writer and mentee Briana Brown talk about mentoring.

Fiction & Non-Fiction

W01. North Vancouver
I like the Nike slogan of “just do it.” With keen powers of observation, intuition, and humour, as well as an ability to cut to the chase (no B.S.), my Creative Writing teaching is legendary. Warm, witty, and wicked, I have a special (though not exclusive) interest in poetry and expertise in verse novels. I would love to be able to assist you on your road less travelled.

W02. Oshawa, ON
Raised on fairy tales and fables, this writer’s broad literary appetite introduced her to Shakespeare, Isaac Asimov, Stephen King, and Margaret Atwood. Poetry taught her how powerful images stick to the brain. Star Trek taught her how a storyline can be made fresh again and again. A popular facilitator for creative writing workshops and retreats, she delights when participants stretch their skills and explore their narrative voice. The author of a successful literary novel, this later-in-life writer just hooked an agent for her Young Adult spec fiction manuscript.

W03. North Bay
For the past nearly fifty years, I have written articles short stories and book length nonfiction and fiction publishing some works with trade publishers and self-publishing other works as I have a entered the senior years of my vocation. I am highly experienced at writing both fiction and nonfiction at a publishable level, understand the merits of research and truthfulness in publishing, and the current ways to get work published and in front of readers. Most of all I am skilled at encouraging writers to find and be loyal to their unique writing voice.

W04. Napanee
Fiction/Non fiction/ Magazine and newspaper This writer has an extensive background in writing about art and architecture as well as other genres of writing

W05. Toronto
Fiction – Business savvy writer with four books to date.

W06. Toronto
Award-winning author with 12 books, numerous short story collections and is included in many anthologies.

W07 Toronto
Fiction writer with long list of books and awards.

W08. Ottawa
Fiction and Non Fiction – Sixteen books, an order of Canada and too many awards to mention.

W09. Toronto
Fiction/Non Fiction/Journalism – Writer of 11 books and many feature articles for magazines and newspapers

W10. Thornhill
Historical works for children and young adults.

W11. Toronto
Fiction and Non-Fiction – Award winning author of books, articles, short stories and chap books.

W12. Thunder Bay
Non-Fiction and Publishing – A best-selling author of eight non-fiction books and an award-winning freelance journalist and photographer.

W13. Ottawa
The writer is a well-respected lecturer, writer and curator of contemporary art in both Canada and the United States.

W14. Napanee
Non-Fiction – Freelance writer with experience in writing for consumer magazines, academic journals and newspapers, as well a published books.

W15. Toronto
A writer and editor of more than 30 children’s books – including picture books, chapter books, middle-grade fiction, and YA – and an experienced story coach, I can offer assistance to writers just starting out with an idea or those who have a full manuscript on the go. I’m open to brainstorming concepts or providing track change edits, depending on your needs. I prefer to work by email and zoom.

W17. Winnipeg
Multiple award-winning author and poet, and experienced teacher, mentor, and literary editor. She has published more than a dozen books of poetry, creative non-fiction, literary criticism, and fiction. She loves to work with writers at all stages of manuscript development and skill level, from amateur to emerging to professional and established. She is interested in a wide range of subjects, including love, nature, spirituality, language, multiculturalism, intercultural dialogue, Indigenous-immigrant relations in Canada and Turtle Island, intergenerational consciousness and relations, land practice, and the imaginative cultivation of hope, courage and fun in our distressed era.

W18. Toronto
This award winning writer was a published poet first, then a puppet playwright, then a live-stage playwright for both children and adults, then an author, and then a screenwriter for TV and film. She concentrates now on plays and books 

W19. Scarborough
This mentor has had 18 novels and books of poetry published internationally and has professional mentorship experience.  She is a 2-time winner of the Arthur Ellis Crime Fiction Award

W20. Toronto
Award winning novelist, translator, editor and teacher looking to provide one to many mentorships through workshops, seminars, lectures and other individually designed programs.

W21. Belleville
Experienced freelance and professional writer published in numerous magazines.

W22. Montreal
This literary fiction and non-fiction writer, for both adult and young adult audiences, was the recipient of many literary distinctions including finalist for the Governor General’s Literary award and the Giller Award.

W23. Georgian Bay
This award winning “Eco-fiction” writer focuses on a genre that she believes will expand as the environmental crisis escalates.

W25. Frankville, ON.
Award winning author and illustrator of Children’s Literature with an extensive knowledge in zoology

W26. Toronto
This award winning writer has written fiction, memoir, non fiction, scripts and more. She has successfully applied for and received grants from both the OAC and the Canada Council for the Arts.

W27 – Toronto
This Author has written over 70 books for young people including picture books, early chapter books, novels for the reluctant reader, Governor General nominated novel, plus television scripts, magazine stories, and textbook articles.  She has written 40 titles in the Franklin series

W28 –  Toronto
Crime writer of five successful non fiction books and many tv documentaries on organized crime over the past 45 years.  Former president (twice) of the crime writers of Canada. Author of definition article on “organized crime” for the Canadian encyclopedia. One of the principle producers of the famed CBC  Connections series on organized crime (1974-1979).

W29. Bowen Island, BC.
Many years ago, I wrote a mission statement for myself: “To write disruptive narrative to heal our relationship with the Earth and with Indigenous Peoples.” As a result, four published books: an award-winning novel about the healing power of music, two books of creative non-fiction, a book of poetry, and five CDs of original songs. Two screenplays produced, both of which won awards, including an Emmy nomination. I can teach a mentee the intricacies of story and plot, the importance of savouring their own voice, and support them in finding outlets for their writing.

W30 – Kitchener ON
The road to completing a writing project can be a bumpy one. As a former teacher, current freelancer, writing coach, and Amazon bestseller, I can help. Successful writing requires practical, get-it-done steps, and I will work with you to find the ones that fit within the constraints of the life you are living now. As a writing coach, I consider myself your personal, all-in-one, pit crew. I’m here to smooth out your journey to the completion of your book with unfailing support and access to all the expertise and research I have accumulated in my writing life.

W31 – Peterborough, ON
I have 16 years’ experience teaching creative-nonfiction and memoir writing. I was also a clear language writer and editor with a special interest in health topics. I have published many pieces of fiction, nonfiction and memoir in literary journals, essay collections, national newspapers, health journals, and travel magazines. I have also written two books about women’s health and have had two plays produced. I believe I could help someone discover what s/he wants to say and how best to say it.

W32 – Toronto
The author of seven books of poetry, four novels for adults, three novels for kids, and one work of literary criticism. Formerly an English professor, then a creative writing instructor at Ryerson University and the University of Toronto, among other places, she now works exclusively as a freelance editor. 

W33. Mississauga.
Award-winning poet, non-fiction writer, and editor of fiction, non-fiction and poetry, with 10 collections of poetry, and 19 of non-fiction (including biography, literary criticism , and theatre studies of classic Broadway musicals), I have garnered international praise, been the first critic-at-large for any Canadian library, and have publications in over 100 newspapers, magazines, journals, and anthologies. Warm, witty, but with a critic’s eye and acute sensitivity, I can help mentees bring their literary dreams to fruition if they are serious, willing to do hard work, and not give up easily.

W34. Burlington, ON
Writing for children is not about getting a simple story down on paper. Nor is it about teaching children lessons. There must be delight in what an adult reads to a child and a chance for the listener to suspend belief about their world in order to enter a fictional world. Not only must an author navigate the written word they must navigate the world of editing, drafting, summarizing, and submitting. I have had two authors publish under my mentorship and would like to see many more.

W44. Barrie, ON
I write in both prose and poetry. Cultures, Communities, and Connections are the main theme of my writing. I weave my stories around these three. I also write serious research and history based non fiction.


W35. Ottawa
This poet also writes non-fiction and memoirs. Additional work includes performance poetry, word music and a lot of editing.

W36. Stratford
A prize-winning poet and humorist.

W37. Thunder Bay
Award winning author with a substantial publication history in magazines, and journals as well as dram writing and numerous books.

W38. Carlton Place
A distinguished author and poet with an interest in History.

W39. Toronto
Poet and translator (English-French) – Writer, editor and translator.

W40. Cheltenham
Published author of two poetry collections, a collection of short stories and a novel as well as being published in numerous Magazines including: Arc, Lion’s Head, Toronto Quarterly, Descant, Exile, Antigonish Review, Impulse, Quarry, etc.

W41. Toronto
Award winning poet and song writer is a teacher, a published author of numerous poetry books, recorded musician, Film Consultant who Teaches “creative vocalization”, scat singing, vocal production, performs and creates songs / poems for self-expression and produces concerts, and CDs is eager to mentor on emerging or mid career poet.

W42. Toronto
This award winning Artist has four decades of writing, publishing and performing her work in Canada and abroad. She is a leading influential figure in the Canadian literary landscape.

 W43.  Toronto
An award winning poet with half  a dozen published books.