Mentor and visual artist Bernard Poulin on mentoring


V01. Toronto
Sculpture/Lecturer- Award winning internationally renowned sculpture interested in a one on one mentorship designed to assist sculptors better understand the business of the artist and in defining success.

Various Media

V03. Sudbury
A lifetime of experience in most visual artistic mediums. Interested in providing constructive evaluation and guidance on reaching potential.

V04 – Vancouver
Award-winning creative director and visual artist whose works combine creative vision, artistic practice, design thinking, and an enterprise mind. Ideas, projects, and ventures grow in this terrain, rich with opportunity and possibility, and manifest in innovative public-engagement artwork.

V05 – Vancouver
Painter and printmaker has received awards and grants in visual art from the Counseil des Arts du Quebec, the Canada Council and the British Columbia Arts Council. A member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and Faculty Emeritus of Capilano University. Has exhibited widely in group and solo shows nationally and internationally since 1964. His works are in private, corporate and public collections, including the Belkin Art Gallery, Burnaby Art Gallery, Canada Council Art Bank, Kelowna Art Gallery, Vancouver Art Gallery, and West Vancouver Art Museum. Happy to mentor those with serious ambition.

V06. Canmore, AB 
I work with collage, mixed media painting and drawing which also includes my own modified photography. My focus is the natural world, the microscopic and environmental issues. For 36 years, I ran a picture framing shop with gallery and art supply sales. I also did a lot of learning in art conservation – as a picture framer I was often called on to repair and evaluate people’s art. For collage, I have researched copyright issues.

V07. Courtenay, BC
With a Diploma in Art from the University of Manitoba and an MFA with a specialization in Fibres from Concordia University, this mentor’s work has been shown in solo and international exhibitions across Canada and internationally. She has also taught at the university level

V08. Toronto
This artist’s practice involves conceptual-driven photo-based work, installation, archival activism, 
and writing and is a recipient of the 2018 Governor-General’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Visual and Media Arts. This would allow the mentee one-on-one access to more than 40 years of professional experience on the international scene as well as guidance with the theory and practice necessary in establishing a relevant artist practice.

V09. Prince George, BC
This mentor’s work is project based with installation outcomes. The work is usually made out of everyday materials and installed in relationship to place. Her studio practice is process-led with two-dimensional expressions manifest as text, image and marks. Projects have explored concepts of relationships, aging, cancer and death. Her current work revolves around our relationship with things, permanence and connectivity.

V10. Vancouver
An interdisciplinary artist with a personal and a socially engaged practice. His focus has been on environmental and health issues. He believes that art needs to regain its place with the general public as a way of learning and knowing.

Painting & Drawing

V14. Murillo, ON
The spontaneity of watercolour is like no other medium, creating glowing paintings that excites the viewer is deeply satisfying. Watercolour can be a difficult medium to master, observing a learner’s excitement as they grasp the concept of applying and controlling the paint brings lightheartedness and immense satisfaction to me. I would consider the mentorship a success when my mentee can produce work that they are be proud to show.

V15. Ottawa
la peinture – Well-established painter providing mentorship in French. This painter wishes to participate in a one on one mentorship to provide experience and objective evaluation.

V16. Sault Ste Marie
After 42 years as a full-time painter this artist has paintings in corporate and private collections throughout the world. Work with a one on one mentorship on the business of art and skills improvement.

V17. Sault Saint Marie
Landscape Painter – acrylics – Numerous works in private collections. Offering a mentee the opportunity to set goals and provide an environment to achieve them.

V19. Gibsons, BC
With over 40 years professional creative practice – from traditional illustration to digital media – I want to help bridge the gap for Artists to Business. (A2B;-) Whether you are pitching to a client for a painting commission, submitting your proposal for a public art project or simply trying to hone your small business skills to create, price & market product…I  have probably been there – done that. My passion is chasing the Plein Air light, finding joy painting on location. I carry a world of creative knowledge in my back pocket – which I am happy to share.

V20. Ottawa
his artist excels in the art of pastel and watercolor and has traveled extensively. She paints interiors and landscapes, but also international portraitist. Her works are found in the Canadian War Museum, the United States, Australia and England

V22. East Garafraxa, ON. 
Robert Bateman once described this landscape painter’s work as painterly, in the style of Fauves and the Group of Seven.  A well-respected  Ontario wetland professional landscape painter, who works in acrylic on canvas. This full time professional artist is a member of various artist run centers and fills a variety of leadership roles for the arts community.

V23. Winnipeg
My work is feminist-focused in the areas of painting and drawing, and I frequently use text in my work. My focus is the female body and the ways in which gender roles and social conventions impact women. I am passionate about sharing my knowledge of drawing, painting and colour as well as the use of a range of materials and processes. I have extensive knowledge of professional practices such as grant-writing, CV, bio and artist statements, and preparing for exhibitions. I could help an artist find their strengths and give that often-needed confidence to move forward.

V24 – Vancouver
Painting is process orientated. I learn by doing as well as through remaining open to accident, allowing the image to emerge from the gathered energy in the hand and body interacting with the surface of the canvas or panel. I can share what I have learned by experiment and trusting my marks and by listening and practice over many, many hours of studio time. I can share inspiration and my passion for the work. I can teach the value of hard work and the joy of discovery. I can share from a vast library of books both technical and biographical of many artists who have spent their lives as creatives.

V25. Wells, BC 
Considered by many to be one of western Canada’s leading plein air oil painters. He creates small field paintings out of doors then uses these as reference material for much larger pieces created in the studio. Working from nature and the ever-changing light brings a loose spontaneity to his work. His studio practice also includes abstract and figurative motifs using a variety of different mediums. His work has been shown extensively in both public and commercial galleries.

V26. Toronto
My professional training began at the age of 15 and then carried on as a visual arts major at York University (1970-1974). I then taught at York starting in 1976. I had my first exhibit in 1974. I started with a very classical training in drawing and painting and after studying art history, I was deeply attracted to abstraction. So, I am primarily an abstract painter interested in colour and gesture.

V30. Kingston, ON
Has had several mentorships over the past 40 years. The greatest benefit was gained by mentees who had already completed some form of post secondary education, were unsure of what path they wished to follow and were interested in learning as much as possible. Within one or two years these mentees were narrowing their preferences
in what artistic career they wished to follow and the focus then was to focus training in that area.

V31. Victoria
My paintings, which are done in series, are an attempt to show beautiful locations whose natural integrity has either been altered by human intervention or is about to be. What is the cost our imposition on the virginal status of these lands and the inhabitants therein?” I am an acrylic painter of landscapes and animals as well as people and non-
objective subjects. I give guidance to almost any kind of topic. My students choose any variety of subjects from their own photographic material. I help them apply the artists knowledge for a finished, well done piece of work.

V32. St. Catharines, ON
My skills are traditionally based in drawing and painting but I still live for new ideas; my own and other’s. I like concepts that push boundaries. One of my favorite quotes is: “if at first the idea isn’t absurd, then there’s no hope for it” — Albert Einstein. I’ve explored mediums such as mosaic, duralar, and soft sculpture canvas. I’m also a self-taught poet, and through the power of mentoring, I’ve published four books of poetry. I think that finding the right  person at the right time can literally bump you forward like a wave.

V33. West  Kelowna, BC
Passionate about colour, shape, form, light, and movement in a landscape. Bold strokes and movement leads you throughout the scene. Keeps you exploring, it is a journey of exploring. It is a visual journey. All the scenes tell a story, my story as an artist, as an adventurer, and as a naturalist. An explorer of things larger than life and of the smallist of things in nature. Texture with heavy body paint and palette knives.
Veils of softness and transparency for different moods. Big brushes, small brushes, building the painting in layers. Mixing your colour direct on the canvas.


V11. Gananoque, ON
Experimental visual artist who transforms materials in unique ways via dyeing, painting, melting, sculpting, heat transfer, embroidery, 3D printing, laser cutting, resin, and more. Master of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts, and Bachelor of Education in Art degrees, has exhibited in notable museums and galleries, and her works are in private, permanent, and corporate collections. She is a published author, has taught art, and mentored individuals for 48 years. Her broad technical skills, risk-taking, innate curiousity, and prolific creative output are put to good use in enthusiastic and nurturing mentoring.

V12. Calgary
There is a magic in making that brings me profound joy; the felt experience of working in front of my heart between my eyes and my chi. I am inspired by the beauty and longevity of metals and gems and the continued commitment to mastery. I like to explore relationships between people, materials and colour. Some of the objects I create are informed by comfort & ritual. Sometimes my art is a vehicle for personal healing. Using the body as canvas creates considerable challenges yet the intimacy of working on this scale continues to drive my creativity.

V21. Canmore, AB
This artist works using a kiln to alter, fuse and slump glass. She has been commissioned to create works for the Ontario Arts Council, The Provincial Government of Ontario, IMAX Corporation, the University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University as well as many other private and corporate commissions.

V13. Burnaby
As a mentor it’s always a pleasure when a student walks away with a finished woven cedar hat or small items such as berry baskets, bracelet, a woven headbands and six strand woven flowers. I have been commissioned also to make our traditional dance regalia. These are just some items.


V27.  Victoria
I am primarily a travel, street and portrait photographer and photography instructor. Semi-retired. I recently worked on an ongoing project called The Theatre of Daily Life. Also, I am scanning my archive from Poland from 1976′ – 88′, when I worked as a photojournalist at major magazines in Poland. I can be a mentor and teach: Practical Digital Photography— at all levels, Capturing Stunning Photos with Smartphones, Organizing and Editing Photos in Lightroom, and Mastering Editing and Enhancement of Images in Photoshop. My verified training is the shortest and easiest way for my students to shoot like Pro!

V28. Kingston
Photographic Artist with extensive photographic knowledge to share. Artist has worked in production and exhibition of art photography, slide-music presentations, wedding and other commercial work and teaching creative photography.

Arts Administration

V29. Ottawa – Founded the Ottawa Art Society in 2015, a charitable organization designed to showcase and support visual arts organizations in Ottawa. Was a Senior Project Manager in Exhibitions Management at the National Gallery of Canada and worked, as well, with the Portrait Gallery of Canada, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Canadian Centre for Architecture, the Canadian Museum of History, and the Inuit Art Section of Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. I would be happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.