hyatt 2
Mentor Pam Hyatt at Hugh's Room, Toronto


S01 – Toronto
This actor, comedian, and playwright is a former member of Toronto’s Second City Mainstage company. He has appeared on stage and on film, and as an actor and writer of web series.


S02 – Kelowna.
This artist, musician, social entrepreneur, and writer knows that creativity is a natural part of being. Her vision is to create opportunities for each and every person to experience the benefits of creativity in ways that are meaningful and essential to a thriving community. Founder and Executive Director for Kelowna Arts Council, and current Managing Director of the Central Okanagan Heritage Society, she supports, promotes, and shares resources for our creative community.

S03 – Victoria, BC – I wish to teach (preferably) a singer/musician how to create and finance multi-disciplinary, subsidized arts programs for marginalized people involving multiple community organizations. I have revived the Strength Within program I created in 2004 as a multi-disciplinary Covid Arts Recovery Program for people marginalized by age, disability or low income. Seven Victoria, community arts and social service organizations are involved. I facilitate song-circles and writing groups, hire other artists and coordinate the program. I raise the money to subsidize the project through two sponsors- the Victoria Arts Council (arts) and James Bay New Horizons (social services). Trauma support is featured.


S04.  Mississauga
Magician, Show Host – Internationally experienced magician and cabaret performer, willing to offer mentorships in basic magic in the form of seminars and workshops.

Dancing Clown

S05. Stratford, ON.
Willing to offer one on one mentorships or workshop/seminars in her art.


S07. Brockville, ON
Step into the Art of Oral Storytelling. Discover visualizations and techniques so essential to storytelling, where memorization is discouraged. Explore vocal techniques: volume, pitch, tone, tempo, pacing and the most valuable aspect…”the pause”. Learn to use directed focus with an audience. Recognized how body language can be distracting, where as, well chosen gestures enhance the stories. Discover your true storytelling voice, and the stories that speak to your heart.