Dance artist, writer, educator and CAN mentor Carol Anderson talks about how the generations can teach each other.


D01. Toronto
Dance, performance and inter-arts artist who also is a Reiki master interested in all kinds of mentorships which would promote and enhance spiritual as well as artistic growth.


D02. Toronto
Dancer/Choreographer Renowned for creative and collaborative work, frequently multidisciplinary

D03. Kelowna
Dancer/choreographer/artistic director with background in classical ballet as well as modern dance offering mentorship in providing a critical eye as well as technical advice.  

D04. Toronto
– Dancer, choreographer, teacher, and artistic director. Huge background in interdisciplinary collaboration in the professional realm; and also as an advocate for the integration of the arts into everyday life and mainstream society.  

D05. Toronto
Modern dance choreographer and respected dance writer willing to mentor in either of those fields. Prefers to work with female young or mid-career artists.

D06. Toronto
Widely experienced dancer and co-founder of COBA(Collective of Black Artists) .Also has a graduate level academic background. Interested in all types of mentorships. Willing to travel and most interested in working with emerging artists.

D07. Toronto
Well-known contemporary dancer, choreographer, master teacher is interested in being able to contribute to the art form by passing her experience & knowledge to the next generation.


D08. Toronto
Spanish Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher Interested in mentoring to schools, companies, institutions, residencies or workshops

Dance Administrator

D09. Toronto.
Mentoring offers a nurturing and supportive environment that provide opportunities to experience and build knowledge, resources, and leadership skills. Activities take place within dance Immersion, an environment that offers a number of diverse programs that produce, promote, and support dancers and dances of the African Diaspora. The organization advances and connects intergenerational dance communities through presentations, skill development, and networking for Blacks in dance. dance Immersion was established in 1994 and has considerable success in connecting artists from across Canada and around the world. dance Immersion is a staple in the Canadian Black dance community supporting the development of careers.

D10. Toronto
Highly experienced Executive Director, Presenter and General Manager interested in mentoring artists who need guidance in any of the aforementioned areas.